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                                                    Fairy Day
was June 24 we cant wait for next year but around here it is always a fairy celabration you can find so much fairy it is amazing

Hello fae,
We are fast approaching Fairy day, this day is so special to us
The day of our year for games, fun and play , whatever your age
Be you a young fae or an older fae, a queen or a flutter fae all join
In to make it a special day for our seeds of time journey.
Our queen lisa has many wonderful ideas for games and competitions, there will be gifts on our web pages at and we hope you will join us for a party in the gardens section of the forums. Our Maiden will be cooking up lots of wonderful treats for all and we shall have dancing and music
All the day long.

If you have a special drawing , sketch, painting , poem or a story, even a nice gift tag or picture of your garden please send them to us we would love to see them. Donít be shy , all fae are naturally
Very artistic and love writing poems.

Show the world that fae live , in their gardens and homes and work
Hard to keep the wildlife content and happy, we watch over homes
And of course all our flora and fauna, taking care of each and every part of nature, I myself enjoy giving the stars a quick polish and dust with fairy dust so pretty.

Come one come all to our fairy celebrations xxx
have a look at this site too.

Here in my country UK, we have a fairy week end, starting with a
Fae ball on the Friday evening it will be a masked ball to, after that
The whole week end is devoted to fae how I wish I could go.

Maiden has a fairy day page at Squidoo

I hope this has made you curious as all fae are naturally that way, fly in and help us make this day a very very special day for all fae
Across the world, in all realms xxxx

Princess rosie

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