About us

we Are 3 friends who Met as fairies who had spread cheer to others and when the bigger women's group retired itself we wanted to build a place of friendship

- A place that would bring women together regardless of age, race or faith women with warm big wonderful hearts

- A place that has something for each member to enjoy

- A place as more join the more we build creating  Journeys, care for the seeds planted past, present and planting new seeds,  fun creative helpful & just building and building each member being a part of what we become as well friendships. your ideas are an important part of our group and hope your ideas become pages and such through out the site.

-A place lovely & as well a Place our inner child can escape and have fun


- A place where we share and inform about causes we support : email us if you have one that is not in the list and would like us to ad info
as well are here for each other with care and support

- A Place that is fun where we can share so many things







Art by Lisa

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