Hello we are so happy you have decided to join seeds of time the fairies Journey

we have few questions for our records  we celebrate birthdays we just want MO and day 

we are fluttering about with joy you are here  please give us 24 hours to get you set 

you will then receive an email from staff with your member info and then you are set to

flutter about and join our groups as many as you wish  we have cooking art pets scribes magick and more.



we only have 4 rules


1 -Respect and be kind to one another no putting down other members

2 -No nudity we are a child safe site we might  have a questionable adult section for 18 and up  in our art forum

3- Respect artists copy right do not take things from site without  permission and fallow any rules staff or members have for the use of there graphics (example if a Sarah makes a cute pixel fairy adoption she says her rule for use is you need to have adoption certificate with the fairy on your site  with link back to Sarah's site who made it) if you share artists graphics be sure to ad there copyright.  for more info on copyright laws or artisit guild and artists who allow use with copyright added please go to our art group page.

4- and last Have fun



if you have read and agree please fill out form below and ready  your wings because  you are on your way  

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