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You were placed in my arms
       On a cold winters dawn,
And at that moment
      Our love was born,
Outside it snowed that early morn
     Inside our love kept us warm.
As we approach the date that
   You were born,
I will re live that frosty morn
     And know that our love
Still keeps me warm.

young love 
Waiting patiently for you through the years
Nights with my pillow soaked in my tears,
when will you ask me for that special day out
the one I always dream about.?

Today has arrived and i flutter inside 
you ask i h ardly breathed as I answer you yes!
My room is a mess you would never guess 
what turmoil there is in decision -

will this do or shall it be that, shall i wear a hat?
a floppy one a steady one or maybe none at all
aaah leave th e hat in the hall.
Out on the porch my handsome escort waits
the patience of a saint -

we walk hand in hand across the lawn
and head for the park where the grass has been shorn
and settle on his levi jacket
we talk about this and talk about that
each knowning the other will listen.

Since childhood we played and suddenly one day
I saw you as someone new
You noticed it too as we grew
and now in our teens we begin our friendship anew
But for as long as it lasts I am devoted to you.

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