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 The Haunted Garden

the haunted garden is a fun spooky addition to our seeds of time site created for Halloween 2009 but it will remain all year  for all kinds of chills and thrills have fun.

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Hello fae,

Settle down,make sure that the doors are locked and have those candles burning bright

You are alone arent you………or are you?


On a night like this - just like this with the wind howling at the door and the windows giving  rattle – the candle flame and fire are flickering, was just settling down to read my book, nice hot chocolate to hand and a box of tissues for the weapy,bits when I suddenly felt I was not alone,-one of those strange feelings that we all get sometimes, but I looked around and settled back to my book, I had just turned the page and heard a noise from up on the top landing, a sort of thump, I glanced towards the stairs and saw nothing , then the candles went out.


I was in darkness but for the fire light and shadows were flickering across the walls nervous for a few seconds I soon re lit the nearest candle and carried on reading, bump again upstairs, I decided that unless I took a look I would not have any peace so I put aside the book and picked up the candle and began to mount the stairs, I looked behind me  - again that feeling that I was not alone, nothing but shadows from the fire, silly me, up I went slowly as it was dark, feeling my step I got to the top of the stairs, here I stopped feeling very un nerved there was something not quite right here, whoosh a cold draught blew out my candle, immersed in darkeness on the top stair I gropped my way along the landing to my bedroom open the door and took a  look about, nothing odd here – relief swept through me but I must check out the other two bedrooms , opened the  second door and it was quiet and still, lastly the third bedroom, now for some reason I have never liked this room, it is  at the end of the house and always seems soulless, we only store books and old things in here – I opened the door and it creaked , oh great I jump but gather the courage to step in, its cold here and a blast of cold air reaches my face , I move in and check the window is locked , fine then I hear a sound behind me, I am fixed and cannot move to turn around nor can I run, slowly I begin to bring my eyes to the right and as I do I feel a bony cold hand on my shoulder, I scream and fall back onto the bed, a shadow leaves the room , now I am terrified and run for the door and back down to the lounge with the comfort of the fire , I re light my candle with shaking hands and sit still, maybe I shall phone someone , I pick up the receiver, no silly don’t be so silly you have just imagined it all.


I shall go and make some coffee yes that’s what I will do, I go to the kitchen and switch on the light still no power, I make some coffee by candle light and sit and sip  it enjoying the warm comforting smell the cat comes in and slowly the dogs awake they have noticed something as they all look to the stairs, oh no panic is rising what shall I do, I run back to the lounge and put on my coat, I  bundle the dogs into the car and drive off , maybe by the time I get back my hubby will be home. I drive on into town and the wind and rain are lashing the car – better out here than at home.


Eventually I have to face the fact that I cannot stay out all night and start to drive home along the road I see a figure soaked through and pull up,the dogs are growling but I say no and the young girl gets in, I drive on talking to her, too much as I am still worried about getting home, I drop her off just on the edge of my road , when I get in peter is there and I tell him the whole story.

When I  mention the young girl I took home, he shows me the evening paper. right in the  column it reads events 20 years ago today.. a young woman was knocked over and killed on the …… road to the village. The driver was never found, it is believed the woman was a local living on the edge of the village.

She matches the description of the young girl I gave a lift to – was she in the house earlier asking for help to get her home, I wonder.


Princess, sleep well.

Halloween Poem

Samhain   (halloween)

The wheel of the year has turned again
summer now far behind,
we look to the time for remembering the past
and the loved ones that we have lost

The ways of magick are alive this night
and those of old will walk,
let us light their way with loving hearts
to guide safely  along their paths.

 we feel you near dont need to see
we know you are abroad
walk safely friends with our guiding lights
taking you home once more.


"Bring the pumpkins "say the children
""we have a face to carve"
"let it be grandma "says little Johnnie -
"Or shall it be pa!"

children all over are excited tonight -
for trick or treating is a delight.
Dress up in costume and carrying bags
to collect what booty they can
over the road to lillian's house  -
the happy band knock at the door
"open up trick or treat! and goodies abound in style.

houses decked with lights and lanterns
mother fathers all dressed up too
late now and time for home with
maybe a toothache or two.!!







Art by Lisa

Copyright 2009, Seeds Of Time ~ The Fairies' Journey

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