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 The Haunted Garden

the haunted garden is a fun spooky addition to our seeds of time site created for Halloween 2009 but it will remain all year  for all kinds of chills and thrills have fun.

Welcome to our Contest page

win prizes and be recognized and wow it is just fun come join in

Come and fly with us we are dressed up for a hunted good time flying above and through seeds of time haunted garden.  Would you like to join us we can make you a  little witch of your own just email us Your name and colors dress and hair and which broom above you like. and we will give you one for your email or web pages and join her to our flight ! 



spooky pumpkin carving

we are having a photo and a on line art  contest for pumpkin carving

our garden festival

here are some great sites for your real pumpking carvings


and in Paintshop pro you can carve a pumpkin here

photo shop pumpkins


we also have a Halloween  Recipe contest

send in your favorite deserts and teats or your favorite magical brews

a Halloween writing contest

send in a Halloween short story the winner will have a special page made for the story and a post and write up will be on our first page with link to the page.

and Halloween  fun photo contest

this isn't what you think lol what you will do is take a photo of your pet or you can use our gardens cat picture below and go to this site which has thousands of  holes to put the face of your pet or human in send in your results for posting and we will do a live pole but all will get credit and stay up the winning photo will go on our first page of the site Seeds of time

info about site you can make account on site or through facebook  all they want is a user it is a safe site i ahve used it many times then when you log in just click scenarios do not clcik make your own that is to send in face cut outs just click scenarios to find pages and pages and pages of fun blanks to use.

if you do not have a pet here is our garden kitty

click here or our cat for full size than right click save image

here is one I made of my pup sandy

Love photos send in your fall photos we would love to make a page full of beautiful fall leaves and scenes we will do another poll and put the winning photo on our first page








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