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  The Haunted Garden

the haunted garden is a fun spooky addition to our seeds of time site created for Halloween 2009 but it will remain all year  for all kinds of chills and thrills have fun.

Welcome to our Magickal page

what is happening magikal well take a peek

Come and fly with us we are dressed up for a hunted good time flying above and through seeds of time haunted garden.  Would you like to join us we can make you a  little witch of your own just email us Your name and colors dress and hair and which broom above you like. and we will give you one for your email or web pages and join her to our flight ! 



The Magickal Properties of Pumpkins

Pumpkins are use for: fertility & contacting the Spirit World. Since most pumpkins are large, they also represent abundance or being plentiful.

It is said that by lighting a Jack-O-Lanterns~
it brings the household good luck.


A cool youtube video how to carve a cat into your pumpkin!!




Burning Black Candles

Burning black candles for some reason has a negative connotation associated to it.  It is almost Halloween, so it's okay to burn black candles! But actually burning black candles are very good to burn even after Halloween!! 

There is nothing that sets the mood for a spooky Halloween Night then walking into a room that is filled with burning black candles. Adding a few orange candles to the whole assumable brings more of an eerie affect to the occasion.

Did you know…by burning black candles they absorb negative energy?  Burning orange candles brings success and joy.   Shopping for black candles during Halloween is a great way to stock up for the rest of the year.  Why not have Halloween every day?


 Scenting Candles

You can scent any candle you have by adding a little essential oil to it, making a mixture of oils or anointing the candle with an essential oil. Some of my favorite combinations are: for burning away negativity- Rue, Oakmoss and Lavender. I also love anointing a white candle with lavender or jasmine for relaxation and purification; Sandalwood is one of my sacred scents so I use that often or either white or black candles.

Scenting your candles is really an easy process that has huge benefits. A few drops of oil will help to enhance burning away negativity or calming you, whatever you are trying to accomplish can be enhanced by adding a little essential oil.







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