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A True Story about the Magick of Faeries

One of many kinds of art I do is making handmade one of a kind Inspirational Faeries.  It actually took me a couple of months to put everything together to make them just the way they needed to be.  Once I got the formation down pat, I made Inspirational Faeries all day for months.  Many of them were being adopted faster than I could make them.  I have a page of adoptions at http://www.whiteoakartdesigns.com

In my studio room, my little yorkie would come in there and play??  He would act like someone was playing with him as I was sitting at the desk working.  The energy in my work room was joyous, happy and gentle.  All of my Inspirational Faeries are made according to how they want to be created.  Sometimes if I wanted to do a certain “Gothick” faerie, her energy was sassy and different than the others.  When I got special orders, it was like a direct line of energy came through and the faerie was created just exactly like the customer had asked for.

Each Faerie I create has her own little certificated showing a small picture of her, her name, the date she was created and a small description of her “Inspirational Message”.   I have actually caught a few “Orbs” of some of the faeries energy that went into that faerie.  Sounds a little spooky doesn’t it?  It was one of the most precious things I have ever experienced.  The recipe in the Fairy Cooking School-Rose Fairy Cookies came to me while I was creating a little baby faerie.  So as the saying goes:  Yes, there is magick in everything, if we allow our eyes to see it!!

Sprinkles of Magickal Faery Dust
Maiden Eva








Art by Lisa

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