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Welcome Artists! Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, also

 photographers, scrappers, pixels, and  those who paint and draw at home;

and those who might want to learn a bit as well!

Fae folk are full of so much talent, an eye for color and detail of what is around them.

We The Fae believe all are creative!


If any of the above describes you, which it describes all Fae and humans alike I would say,

but, if you are interested in fluttering about creating and having fun

well please join us!


Rules our rules here at art journey are a little different do to copyright  and instead of a yahoo group we Use the  forum


1 -Respect and be kind to one another no putting down other members Or work.


2 -No nudity we are a child safe site we might  have a questionable adult section for 18 and up  in our art forum


3- Respect artists copy right do not take things from site without  permission and fallow any rules staff or members have for the use of there graphics (example if a Sarah makes a cute pixel fairy adoption she says her rule for use is you need to have adoption certificate with the fairy on your site  with link back to Sarah's site who made it) if you share artists graphics be sure to ad there copyright to what you make. 

a great place you can get Artists that allow use of  graphics free  http://artistthatallow.blogspot.com/2007/08/lassies-designs.html  on the side is artists names there are several that make fairies but some do have nudity please be prepared when you click on an artists name an example of there work will come up, and rules of use, and link to download there psp tubes or png files be sure to fallow rules they ask of you .

why is respecting copyright so important well a few reasons artist put a lot of time into there work, example painting weather in there homes with paint or painting in computer programs some even paying a lot for there tools and there talent is a wonderful gift to us all to see. you can get in trouble for using copyright art.

you can also purchase copy right code from the CILM  it stands for Creative Image Licensing and Management and it is through CILM that you can purchase a lot of fairy artists work and  to use tubes to make sig tags http://cilm.estoreadvanced.biz/#

here is there fantasy artists page http://www.cilm.com/sigtag/fantasyartists.shtml  if there name is here it means they do not allow you to uses without purchase number on tags or without purchase of  use of there copyright and you can see there packets for purchase. when you click on image.


4- and last Have fun that's it come join us should be a lot of fun.




Thank you if you agree and have read this page woohoo come join us flutter on over to our Join page.




Art by Lisa

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