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A Fae's Promise (to a new babe)

A Fae's Promise (to a new babe)

Little one while you sleep
to wrap you in my arms for keep,
to send you gifts of love and peace,
to keep you safe in all your feats.
to bring you joy when you are sad,
to lift grey clouds to make you glad,
I will watch you from the shadows as you grow
and light your way should darkness show,
I will keep you safe thro' storm and shower
And guard your back through every hour.

Princess Barefoot




A dark forest fae

Come visit my wood
if you think that you should,
for I am an olden fae-
I can take you away for a year and a day
with us you will live and play

And when the times gone
put you back where you belong right in the place where
you first went astray
when you wake you will wonder have i been away?
Oh yes dear for a year and a day.

Us of old are strange and bold
so never dismiss our old ways
we are cunning and clever
but never oh never
would harm you in any way.



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