Merry Christmas
Welcome to the Holiday celebration


 Crafters Christmas sewing,

Here are some lovely pieces of cross stitch, don’t forget little fae you can just work part of the design maybe use it for a little bag for holding cloves , you could tie up

With a pretty ribbon and hang from your tree.


Glass Painting project


Hello Fae,

An idea here for using odd glasses , plates whatever you have around , but making them pretty and usable again.

Glass – ceramic plates, jars , bottles what’s in your junk cupboard?


You will need, a few pots of glass paint, varnish either spray, or paint on or cheat like

I do and use clear nail polish LOL

For ceramics , again ceramic paint or thick poster paint .

Some fine sandpaper or wet and dry paper

Some paint brushes, marker pens, black , gold ,silver , or chrissy colours, and your imagination .

  1. wash and dry well anything you intend to paint,
  2. Gently rub over the area to be painted very very gently its only just to give the paint a good base to grip.
  3. rinse again and dry.
  4. mark out a design with a sharp dark pencil it should be fine on the rubbed surface and show up ok.
  5. paint your picture, better to use thin coats , letting it dry in between coats rather than thick paint. Slowly build it up, go careful with glass paint not to leave too many brush strokes.
  6. when completely happy and the work is dry, varnish over the painted area again two or three thin coats is better than one thick coat of varnish, watch for those brush strokes again.
  7. Finished they can be used for anything decorative, maybe cotton wool or pot pourrie or a scented tea light.
  8. hope you enjoy this project.